Privacy Policy

Galia Georgieva offers a range of services – individual therapy (one-to-one sessions), self-paced therapy (self-paced online psycho-educational sessions), body positive program (mobile app). The privacy process has slight variation depending upon your preference. Please read all of the Privacy Information Guidance.
Organisations accountable for data use on behalf of Galia Georgieva as Data Controllers are Good Health Global Ltd and I’Dazzling Ltd. Data Controllers must apply an appropriate lawful basis every time personal data is used (also called processing).
Personal Data is used when is necessary to achieve the legitimate purpose and in a way that is expected by data subjects. Legitimate purpose includes contact preferences, data storage, system use/ case recording, referrals. We do not share data with third parties (GP, local authorities/social care services, hospitals, other agencies, organisations or mental health practitioners) without given consent from the data subject. The information is protected when is shared using passwords and being very careful.
Consent is voluntary, which gives the data subjects right to control the use of their personal data.
Personal Data within our projects has a lifecycle, so that we can achieve outcomes with the person and do so safely and effectively.

Individual Therapy

Good Health Global is registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), reg. No ZB197512.

The basis on which we keep client data is that of “legitimate interests”. This means that the data is necessary to fulfil our therapeutic relationships.

The data Good Health Global holds includes:

* Basic information such as name, email address, phone number
* Information that the client gives as part of the work do together with your therapist
* Records of what interventions are used in sessions
* Emails, texts and/or messages that are sent between the client and their therapist
* Information sent from GP (if the client consents to contact your GP)
* Audio recordings of hypnosis sessions

Data is not shared with anyone and covered by the Requirements for Disclosure section in client’s therapy agreement.

The mobile app and the self-paced psychoeducational program use basic data – name (nickname) and email, which are needed the customer to register an account and use the preferred online project.